A picture says more than a thousand words

A picture says more than a thousand words

Video shows 25 pictures a second!

The fact is that your message comes through razor sharp with video and the distrubution possibillities are yet to be discovered fully.

A good presentation video or product video sells your item efficiently. When it comes to capture and retain customer attention video is an effective tool. Videos can also be of crucial influence on your placement in search engines.

We use the latest in camera technology with all recordings made in HD. We also use multiple cameras at the same time to make the video even more interesting to look at.

A good sharp video - a video with good sound and great lighting makes your film seen until the end.

We have worked professionally with video production since 1998. Our extensive experience means that we choose exactly the right method to complete the job.

When your video is SEO optimized it is found easier than a text page

Put bluntly you MUST be present with video on the internet - that good are the results. We put your videos on your own Youtube Channel and tag them so they get found on level with the contents of your website.

There are good SEO gains that get - but the work must done correctly. It is important that such video is made as the customer sees it until the end, it is important that it is marked out of their SEO strategy etc.

YouTube is your very own TVstation and it is free to use. We know the effective recipes and methods.

What kind of video can you use in your business?

You probably an idea of how you can use video in your business. We have professional experience with most types of video, and we are happy to help fully or partially. Something you can do yourself - but other parts should be done by a professional.
Featured Video, business video, online video. Small tvspots, Web TV, product movies, instructional video, animated video, screencast video presentation, event video. The possibilities are many.

You have a wish or a goal and we have ideas and solutions.

See examples of our videoproduktion here


Video is often cheaper than print with the same message

For us it is important that you "sell the product". Digital video can often be produced quickly and easily. We know that it is the content and "story" that is the most important in a video. Our starting point is a known techniques that we know works, and therefore you will find that communication with video is affordable marketing.

We have the equipment needed to perform

You do not think about it but you should know that our equipment is "slightly" better than what you see everyday. We record up to 1920 x 1080p Full HD at 50Mbps (4: 2: 2), which provides good "information rich" images to work with.

We also have a variety of special cameras for recording macrovideo or video in exposed environments. Camera on a tripod, professional audio and lighting equipment is essential for the good results.

Prices? With us you only pay for the time spent

You only pay for the time spent on a job. There are no "material costs" on digital video. You pay for our time and knowledge. Our experience enables us to go straight to a job - quickly and efficiently.

See our pricing on video production here >>

What about rights to the material?

The finished video can be freely copied and used anywhere. We use royalty-free music. We store raw material by agreement.

We help partially or completely

Already have recorded some video that you want to be edited with some graphics? Need help to get started making videos in your own business? In most cases you can buy our knowledge of video production ad hoc and on an hourly basis. Just ask!

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