Pricing of good internet and web solutions

We have produced and installed websites for many different types of businesses. Not two tasks have been the same. Often, we begin with a package , which we then adapt toyour wishes.

Our prices are not the lowest - but in the end they will be.

Many suppliers of CMS systems go for subscriptionl, because in the long run it ties the customer. Our way of looking at it is that we sell knowledge - and only knowledge - for your benefit and for the sales on your website.

When we install Joomla for you, we have no financial interest in the choices we suggest - therefore, we have no hosting. But we are more than happy to recommend various providers of hosting - (which you then deal directly with)

The examples below gives you an idea of what specific tasks actually cost customers.

You always get an offer that you can consider - before we start.

Price examples:

Package Solution Pro - from 9900 NOK

A good solution that fits most businesses - you get a good starting point.

Variations in price - 12-18000 NOK

Variations come typically in the form of search engine optimization or additional features on the pages, installing newsletter module etc.

Large sites with many features - 25 000 NOK

We are talking areas with a significant need for special graphics and with many different galleries, newsletter, blog features, etc. Solutions based on this is usually both a company presentation and a catalouge of many products.

Variations in price - 25-75000 NOK

On very large sites we use many hours to develop, but for companies where the result is critical for the enterprise and the benefit crucial - this is well invested money.

Shop - 22 900 NOK

Combines Package Solution Pro and a standard shop - ready to fill up with products.

Variations in price - 23-75000 NOK

The major online stores require many hours, but for shop owners where this is critical for the outcome and the benefit is top class - gives it obvious sense to invest money.

Get a detailed quote!

When we have agreed on the scope of service - you get a detailed quote for you to consider.

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