Responsive web design and scalable websites

Responsive design of your website means that the design adapts to the screen size of the device you are using. The layout is automatically adjusted to give the user an optimal experience. When you are on a large computer screen, there is room for many things, and when using a small screen, like on an iPhone, there is room for fewer things.

The main reason why all professionals are thinking about responsive web design is that Google emphasizes that the website is scalable and ranks this higher in the search results. Of course we'd like to give the user a good experience when he sees our products and services, but it's mostly because we have been "forced" by Google that we use energy in this. Whatever the reason - we are forced to take scalable design of the website seriously.

It can be a time consuming process to develop responsive design because there are many factors that come into play. In addition to screen size, there is also the various browser versions to take into consideration. Basically we create a layout that suits the big screens and then a version that fits tablets. In the third edition we think about the small phone screens where it is important that the page is displayed in a simplified version, but still so that all the content can be accessed.

If we assume that people use tablets and smartphones, we design for these screen sizes.

In our web agency in Barcelona we have worked with responsive design since it became clear that Google changed the algorithm so that scalable design affects the search results in a positive way.

If you are in doubt if your pages are responsive please ask us.

If you need to update your website to responsive design - we are happy to provide you a quote that you can relate to.

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