We help you troubleshoot and update your Joomla CMS

Stuck in a problem with Joomla site - or have you lost track of technique and structure behind your Joomla installation? We can help you solve problems.

As web agency we have experience with more than 35 large and small Joomla Sites. No job is too big or small - we help you with the job.

Why update a Joomla Site?

Technologies used to provide a good user experience on your computer, iPad and smartphone is in constant development. When something develops and grows it also means that other things stagnate, wither and become obosolete and impractical. Sometimes it's wort - but that's just the way it is. We must learn to live with it.

In short periods we can stagnate - but in we have no other choice but to follow along.

An updated Joomla with updated modules and plugins installed, provide greater security and a better experience for the customer.

How can we help you?

  • General support on Joomla installations - both technology and structure
  • Joomla design - using and adapting website template / design template
  • Correcting and adjusting the layout of HTML and CSS code
  • Installing design template with responsive design that works on tablets, iPad, iPhone, smartphones
  • Installing Open Source Webshop on Joomla website
  • Joomla setup, planning and structure
  • Installing modules and accessories such as newsletters
  • Continuous updating of subscriptions to avoid surprises

Updating your website

Websites we have made:

  • 1050 NOK - annually for the same joomla version
  • 1550 NOK - annually for sites with firewall
  • For special modules and components updates are coordinated separately.

Websites developed by others

If we have not made your website, please feel free to call us at tel. + 34 69 63 00 699 or write an e-mail to get a quote for updating of your website.

What does our Joomla Support cost?

We work on an hourly basis, and you get an estimate of the time required before we proceed with a task. We never start a job until we have your approval.

Our hourly rate is 935, - NOK.
By continuously cooperation the price maybe agreed upon as 775, - NOK.

After the first hour - we log pr. 15 minutes - and send an invoice when we have collected some time.

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