What is Joomla CMS?

Joomla is an open source CMS system. Specifically, it is a program that we install on a web server that you rent. Once the program is installed and set up, the program will keep track of the pages on your website. You can update the content regularly.

Why use Joomla?

  • The system can be scaled and expanded to an infinite number of pages.
  • Easy to operate and maintain your pages.
  • Joomla is a widely used CMS system used by both government agencies and private companies.
  • It is very easy to expand,  that means almost independent of special requests you may have - we can resolve it with components that are already developed.
  • There is a  large number of extensions and accessories available
  • The design can be customized responsivw design (scalable design for iPad and iPhone), read more about Joomla with responsive design >>
  • The system can always be updated to the latest browsers, read more about how to update Joomla >>

What does it mean to me that there is a widely used open source system?

Open Source - gives you complete control and freedom

  • You have 100% control of both the technical side and the content itself.
  • Pages reside on a server that you own, for example in the on One.com forvery little money.
  • No "political price" or depreciaction of functions - all features are always available.
  • You can educate yourself regularly and take over the operation, if you feel like it.
  • It is easy to find instructions for using Joomla in English.
  • It's easy to change your partner because you have ownership and control of everything.
  • Thousands of developers are involved in the development of software.

Can I correct and edit Joomla CMS?

Yes you can - it works like most other CMS systems.

  • You log in with your password
  • Find the article you want to edit or create a new
  • Write and edit
  • Save and check that everything is correct:-)
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